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When celebrity stylist, Kim Vo, came to the San Francisco Bay Area in search of the best of the best, he was very clear what he was looking for. 

"I'm looking for salons that create rich color, gorgeous cuts and stunning updos,"stated Vo.

NH2 was contacted and asked to participate in the seven county wide competition searching for the best salon in the Bay.

Model, Alanna White, received exactly what Kim Vo described that he was looking for. Multi-tonal lowlights were woven throughout White's light brown base color. Soft and romantic layers were added to meet the specific suggestion of Kim. Lastly, a timeless and expertly crafted updo was created. 

Round one was best of the county. NH2 SALON won for Marin.

"What an honor!" excitedly states Nicole Hitchcock, of NH2. 

Next, each of the seven Bay Area County winners competed for the coveted title of Best Salon of the Bay Area.

When Hitchcock and her model, Alanna, entered the ballroom full of salons and their models, they scanned the room looking for three things: models with rich color, soft layers and stunning updos as Vo had stated he wanted.

"I noticed a lot of really cool hair. Avant Garde updos, short spiky blonds, as well as some very polished work that was on point. I wondered if everyone was given the same information about what Kim Vo was looking for?" Hitchcock states as she reflects on the competition.

After a reception and speeches, winners were announced. 

Kim Vo announced that the Best Salon Award went to NH2 SALON. 

"They followed my direction to a 'T'. The work was perfect and the award is well-deserved." comments Vo at the Awards Ceremony.





Econoforensics assessed NH2 SALON and published their findings:

Going from macro to micro level, Marin small businesses seem to feel the economic experts were on the right track. NH2 salon revenue increased 39% over a 7 year stretch. During the recession of 2008, NH2 experienced a 16% increase in sales. 

"We've experienced our strongest growth since inception over the last 12 months," reports NH2 owner, Nicole Hitchcock.

Hitchcock planned for the growth by increasing her staff size by 40%. She maintains a strong social media presence and increased her promotional activity to entice both new and existing customers. 



Protect Your Hair from the Pool

STYLECASTER correspondent, Aly Walansky, interviewed NH2 SALON owner, Nicole Hitchcock, for an article about protecting hair from pool water. 

 "It may seem counterintuitive to shower before swimming (rather than after, of course, when you're covered with chlorine), but the wellbeing of your hair may depend on it. Why? "Hair is porous," explains Nicole Hitchcock, owner of NH2 salon, a luxury hair salon in the San Francisco Bay Area. "Once it's saturated with moisture, very little chlorine will be able to enter the hair shaft." Imagine the cuticle of the hair acting as a sponge. If filled with water, it will be harder for pool water to work its way in and inflict damage. If showering beforehand is not possible, keep a travel-sized conditioner in your pool bag to saturate your hair with before entering the pool.