Protect Your Hair from the Pool

STYLECASTER correspondent, Aly Walansky, interviewed NH2 SALON owner, Nicole Hitchcock, for an article about protecting hair from pool water. 

 "It may seem counterintuitive to shower before swimming (rather than after, of course, when you're covered with chlorine), but the wellbeing of your hair may depend on it. Why? "Hair is porous," explains Nicole Hitchcock, owner of NH2 salon, a luxury hair salon in the San Francisco Bay Area. "Once it's saturated with moisture, very little chlorine will be able to enter the hair shaft." Imagine the cuticle of the hair acting as a sponge. If filled with water, it will be harder for pool water to work its way in and inflict damage. If showering beforehand is not possible, keep a travel-sized conditioner in your pool bag to saturate your hair with before entering the pool.